Calling all Computing subject leaders – a development programme for you!

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How do you influence the development of Computing as a subject within your school? Would you like to support colleagues more effectively and enable them to provide exciting and stimulating lessons that match pupils’ needs? Does it feel as if you are sometimes deflected from your curriculum focus by dealing with a range of other issues that other subject leaders don’t seem to face?

Leading Computing is a challenging and ever changing role and London CLC’s support will provide you with a firm anchor from which to establish your school priorities and chart a way forward.

You will be able to share concerns as well as successful strategies with a group of colleagues during the CLC based elements of the program, but also implement and evaluate an approach that is tailored to your particular school needs, with visits in school from our experienced team, across an appropriate period. This might for example be focussed on extending teachers’ professional subject knowledge through CPD that you are assisted in delivering, or it might be on ensuring proper year on year progression and breadth through more thoughtful use of a range of resources, and adjustments to planning. Another focus may be to provide clear but manageable guidance about assessing Computing and pupils’ digital skills.  Alternatively your main motivation may be to develop your own knowledge and skills to be an effective leader.

Whatever your needs, we will be able to help, with consequent benefits to your staff and most importantly pupils. Do consider our package of support.

If this course is of interest to you or if you would like more information, please contact Julia Lawrence, or call: 0207 720 7514.

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