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As many will be aware, Rosendale Primary School has recently become London’s only research school.   Rosendale will join a number of schools around the country creating a network that will support the use of evidence to improve teaching practice. The initiative is led by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Institute for Effective Education (IEE).    The CLC is working with the research school supporting on its digital communications strategy.

Rosendale research school has a very simple goal – to improve educational outcomes for children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through the use of evidence.

Access to high-quality research has never been easier thanks to the work of organisations like the EEF, researchED, Durham and York universities and individuals such as John Hattie and Dylan William. However, the challenge to school leaders is how to use this evidence effectively in their schools to change practice and improve outcomes.

Many schools across the country have shown that it can be done. The role of a research school is to help ALL schools to be successful in the complex process of developing outstanding teaching and learning. There are several ways that we aim to do this. The first is light touch and involves creating a great website full of ideas, information and evaluations. Alongside this is the publication of a monthly research e-newsletter along with various blogs and podcasts. Schools can get more involved by joining one of our networks and participating in a more detailed piece of work in leadership, or lesson study or other areas of interest.

So, take the first step and join the mailing list to keep up to date with opportunities, events and resources.  If you have a research project and need to explore funding – then join the network and take a look at the IEE Innovation Evaluation Grants   Schools can apply for up to 20k with various submission deadlines across the year.

And if you’d like to get fully immersed in an area of research, then check out the opportunity to join, ReflectED, the second phase research into children’s metacognitive skills funded by the EEF.  Rosendale Primary is recruiting throughout the Autumn term and a few places remain.   For more information on this project, check out the research school website.

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