Understanding terms and conditions



The terms and conditions we agree to when signing up for apps are often thousands of words long, and contain complex legal language that would have the majority of adults scratching their heads. As children and teenagers grow up in this digital world it’s our responsibility as adults and educators to help ensure they are making informed decisions about their own lives online.

Last summer London Connected Learning Centre worked with Elmgreen secondary and Rosendale primary pupils to try to learn more. Our aim was to find out how young people feel about the agreements they enter into when using a range of social media apps.

We showed them shortened versions of the T&Cs from a selection of popular apps, created by Schillings law firm for the Children’s Commissioner, and asked them what they thought.

We found that young people have strong and well justified opinions about the way their creative content and personal data can be used by companies, and we’re happy to say that the Children’s Commissioner took these views on board in creating a new set of materials for teachers.

The resource packs are available through the TES and contain shortened and simplified versions of the T&Cs from popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram. They are differentiated for different age groups ranging from age 7-sixteen.

To find out more about the project check out the Children’s Commissioner’s blog, and show your class this Newsround report on the subject.

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