Top Tips for Online Safety

Online Safety is hugely complex area.  One of the main challenges is that the threats and issues which young people come up against in the online world are constantly changing.

Just as you feel you’ve got a handle on what’s going on online something new pops up, the repercussions of which are felt deeply in the whole school community.  It’s an area of your work which can never be ticked off your to do list.

The CLC work with schools to assess online safety policy and practice and ensure teachers, pupils and parents are informed, aware and compliant with the latest Ofsted guidance. Here we share our top tips to get you started.



Online Safety is a whole school issue – so make it a whole school responsibility.

Have an online safety group comprising a member of SLT, your computing lead, safeguarding lead, PSHE lead, a governor and possibly a parent. Meet regularly, review any issues, adapt policies and procedures accordingly and give the group responsibility for overseeing the implementation of your online safety strategy.


Have an online safety strategy

Is a big issue covering infrastructure, curriculum, management, parental engagement and more so have a plan.  My top tip is use South West Grid for LEarning’s review tool – 360degreesafe.  It helps you to review your provision and once complete it automatically generates an action plan for you with links to tailored advice, guidance and materials.


Teach it wherever and whenever you can

It’s a part of the computing curriculum – so teach is discreetly within computing and ensure there is progression but also teach as you would full stops and capital letters – whenever children or young people are using the internet reinforce and remind.


Involve young people  

Have them on your management group, consult with them on your online safety policy,

get them creating content for your website to help parents better understand the issues use them as the experts within parents evenings and family learning sessions.


And finally 5 – make use of the free stuff

There is a wealth of free advice out there – these should get your started.


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