Digital Leaders Philharmonia Virtual Reality Day

On Monday, 26 September our Digital Leader Programme launched at the Southbank Centre. Over 50 children from six London schools had the opportunity to explore the Philharmonia Orchestra’s new interactive exhibition ‘Universe of Sound. The CLC Digital Leader Programme supports children and young people who have taken on a role championing the use of digital technologies among their peers, teachers and parents. Our intensive events help upskill pupils both in the use of new technologies and in their role as mentors and leaders. Education Development Trust’s award winning London CLC helps schools and other settings use digital technologies to improve learning.


Young people from Henry Cavendish, Heber Primary, Honeywell Primary, St Teresa’s primary, Kings Avenue Primary and Sunnyhill Primary were invited to spend the day on the Southbank investigating the exhibition, trialling new technologies and discussing their experiences and the future of technology. The 360 Experience allowed the children to sit on stage with the orchestra through a virtual reality headset and have a go at conducting and creating the music using interactive screens.

‘It was scary at the end because the music was loud and you were up in the sky. It was very fun though, everyone should do it’ Heber Primary Pupil, Yr 5

The Virtual Orchestra allowed children to explore Holst’s ‘The Planet’s’ in depth as they toured the various sections of the orchestra, listening to the unique sounds of the instruments.

Upstairs with the CLC, the children listened to the music again and used it as a stimulus to create their own 3D world’s in Kodu. Sherbet waterfalls, battles, good lands and bad lands and all sorts of fantastical creatures featured in the creations.

CLC tutor Rowan used Green Screen to turn the pupils into astronauts and explore the solar system, investigating the features of the planets and reporting back to earth. Even the teachers had the chance to do some space travel!

All the schools came together at the end of the day to discuss their experiences and what they would like to see in the technology of the future. Google glasses, VR schools and virtual reality you could feel and smell came top of the list.

(It surprised me) how much you can do with a piece of music i.e Virtual headset, walking around the orchestra and playing the different instruments’  Sunnyhill Primary Pupil yr 5

Education Development Trust’s London CLC is delighted to be working in partnership with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Southbank Centre and the Tate Exchange in London  to deliver a series of digital enrichment days which allow young people to get hands-on experience of new technologies, and develop their understanding of the creative application of technologies in a real world context. For more information about activities for Digital Leaders contact the CLC on

You can check out how the day unfolded on our dedicated blog


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