A cross-curricular Scratch challenge

Not only is Scratch a brilliant tool for teaching the basics of programming, but it can also have great cross-curricular applications. Recently I worked with year 3 children to help them program their very own neolithic style cave paintings, writes Rowan Roberts.

Building on their year 2 work around compass directions, they started by predicting the outcome of this script:

Since the children hadn’t learnt about angles yet and were still new to Scratch I created the purple blocks to let them control the direction of the sprite in a way that I knew they could visualise. After discussions with their partners they were able to predict that the script would draw a square.

After that I showed them more complex examples, and asked them to match them to the patterns they would produce.

Once the children had made predictions and stated their reasons, they tested their theories by completing this Scratch project. They then designed and programmed their own cave paintings based on real life examples from around the world.
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