What’s new: Apple’s Everyone Can Create resources

London CLC’s Peter Lillington had a preview of Apple’s new resources for inspiring creativity with iPads and he’s impressed. 

Many schools are looking at ways to make more of the investment they have made in iPads.  Apple has responded with a free resource, Everyone Can Create, to help inspire teachers as well as pupils and students to extract maximum creative and educational value from iPads.

The resources sit alongside Apple’s #EveryoneCanCode campaign, and focus on the impact that the technology and apps can have in supporting every student through music, drawing, photo and video. The teacher guide has 300 ideas from educators on how to integrate projects with maths, literacy, science and computing alongside other core subjects. This is an example of video in a science lesson:

The Everyone Can Create project guides for students and teachers are in iBook format which allows them to be fully interactive, so that activities can be sampled without even leaving the page. Apple has developed very powerful free apps in GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Clips and Swift Playgrounds with a host of specific features designed to, in their words, ‘unleash and ignite creativity’. And there are many other apps that can be used alongside this core creative toolkit.


At London CLC we always endeavour to cast a critical and objective eye when tech companies produce school-focused resources that promote their products. However, in this case I was certainly inspired by my hands-on experience of the resources at a recent launch event at the Design Museum where I had a chance to try a sample of the ideas myself – and I liked the curriculum content that I saw.

There is plenty here for every school, whether primary or secondary, and, crucially, there is also food for thought even if you have limited or no access to Apple technology. Some of the activities could be transferred to other platforms and technologies, though some make use of very specific Apple capability and apps for which there is no direct equivalent (such as  Garageband).

As an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) we will be looking to help teachers and schools put some of the Everyone Can Create ideas into practice and will be featuring the content in our London CLC computing conference as well as our free RTC events.  Alongside this we do also, of course, support schools to make creative use of other tech products and resources.

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