Life as a Digital Champion

Lambeth Digital Champions offers Lambeth residents FREE training and support on using all things digital (for example: mobile phones, computers, online forms and the internet).

The project is funded by Lambeth Council and created and run by the London Connected Learning Centre to help local people learn the digital skills they need to succeed in the modern technological age.


What’s a Digital Champion? 9U6A5847


Digital champions are the people who have the computer skills to teach others. The digital champions team run sessions in local libraries, job centres and children’s centres and over the last 18 months have delivered over 950 training sessions. The impact of these sessions has been extremely positive with learners stating:




“This course has improved my life in this Digital world and I also came across lovely people with a lot of information…. I did like the lovely kind tutor with a lot of support from her.”

“I am dyslexic and find it very difficult when I get stuck on one thing I didn’t understand. So being among people that know what they are doing in the Universal Job search helped me upload my CV today. I am very happy with what I achieved.”

Our digital champion assistants have been vital in helping run these sessions. This is what one had to say about her experience in the role….


My experience as a Digital Champions Assistant, by Shukri Sheikh

Since I started working as a Digital Champions Assistant, I have been able to support mums who were less fortunate than many, as they did not have access to computers.  During the sessions I have been able to show them how to search for things on the Internet as well as how to open a new email account, step by step.  In addition, those mums attending regularly were interested in searching for jobs online.  They have told me that they are getting better at using the laptops in the children’s centre.  Not only was I able to support the development of their IT skills, but I was also helping them to improve their spoken English.  I am enjoying the sessions because I feel proud to help others who need support and I feel furthermore that I have made a difference to people’s lives by encouraging them to go on to further study in college or helping them to get back to work.


Digital Champions Intro from LondonCLC on Vimeo.


If you would like to find out more about the Digital Champions project, please go to the website or call London CLC on 0203 375 4248


Digital Champions Logo (screen)


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