iOS 11 – 5 great features coming to iPad for education


If you use iPads in school, it is likely you will shortly be able to update to Apple’s latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 11. This comes with a swathe of new features, but what will make a difference in the classroom? Read our countdown…



5th Place – Screen Recording, on the iPad


Teachers wanting to film demonstration videos or capture videos from their iPad screen have had to either plug in to a Mac, use a video camera or make use of screensharing software. iOS11 enables screen record straight on the iPad, and when you’ve finished it, the video will be ready to view and share from the Photos app. This not only makes it easier for teachers or Digital Leader pupils to make ‘how to’ videos but enables pupils to capture snippets of work to document their learning, whether this is showing the process of creating a program in computing or working out a complex maths problem using the drawing feature in the Notes app.


4th Place – Files App


The Files app will now let you access files in a range of locations straight from the iPad and introduces native support for Google Drive on the iPad so if you’re using G Suite for education, this will make dealing with files much easier. The files app also lets you organise and share your files more easily on the iPad.


3rd Place – Notes App


The native Notes app has always had many features useful in the classroom with checklists for ticking off learning objectives and the drawing page, that lets you sketch diagrams and draw shapes with a ruler that measure angles like a protractor. In the new notes app, tables are supported straight within the app as well as document scanning and annotation so pupils can photograph a piece of work and add annotations to reflect on their understanding or scan in a worksheet and complete it digitally.


2nd Place – More natural voices and Siri translation


The Siri-styled voice in iOS10 has never been great for reading text to pupils when they want to check over text that they have written and although there have been other downloadable voices, none of them sound particularly natural. In iOS11 there are big advances in how natural the voice sounds. This feature is great for younger pupils to listen back to text that they have typed or are reading and is also a great accessibility feature to cater for some of our pupils with specific needs. In addition, Siri will now be able to translate spoken text in another language – great for practicing speaking or checking your writing and pronunciation of common words.


1st Place – Apple Classroom


Ok, so it was in iOS10, but it’s even more awesome on iOS11. The classroom app allows the teacher to see what pupils are doing on the iPads, lock the class screens, mute the volume remotely, launch websites, apps and templates straight from their teacher iPad. This improves the safety of pupils and makes using the iPads in class a lot smoother experience. If you haven’t already started using it, speak to us about getting it up and running.


For further support in using iPads in the classroom contact our resident Apple Education Trainer, Christian Turton by emailing

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