The benefits of Family Learning

Testimonies from our “Digital Stories” and “Animation” courses

This year, our Family Learning team ran 6-week courses within local primary schools across Lambeth. The courses brought families together to work on projects such as creating their own digital books, exploring photography and creating short animations. These courses had a wonderful impact on families, not only improving digital literacy but giving parents the skills to help their children in their learning. Two parents were kind enough to let us share their testimonials.


Sue Clayton, learner from a Family Learning “Digital Stories” course:


I was apprehensive when I was invited to join the group doing the course. I suffer with low self-esteem and no confidence at all. I didn’t think I’d be able to do the tasks set as my computer skills are very basic. I went along anyway with almost no intention of going back the following week. There was 9 of us there and I only really knew one other parent.


By the end of the first session I was glad I went. Everyone was really friendly including the two tutors, Marie and Federica. It was fun and I surprised myself how much I learned and enjoyed myself.


Since doing the course I feel much better about myself and have realised writing children's books is something I really enjoy and I'm actually quite good at it

The afternoon session was really nice as our children joined us and it’s really helped bond with my son more as I have a big family (7 kids). I don’t get a lot of 1:1 time with each of them. We’re now on week 5 and I’m actually quite sad it’s coming to an end. I’ve learned quite a few computer skills and have almost completed my first children’s book, which I did with my son. I’ve spent a lot of years not knowing what I was good at and not thinking very highly of myself.


Since doing the course I feel much better about myself and have realised writing children’s books is something I really enjoy and I’m actually quite good at it. I feel more confident in myself and I’m going to pursue book writing and also do another course in IT.


I did find it a bit hard and daunting as I didn’t understand how to prepare my book online but once I’d been shown a couple of times I realised that it was actually quite easy.

I’m really glad I took part. It’s helped me in so many ways.


Sam Fleming, learner from a Family Learning “Animation” course:


Sam Fleming 3 years ago“I enrolled in the Family Animation course three years ago. At first, I just saw it as a great opportunity to spend time with my daughters whilst they were at school (which it was). It felt especially important as it was my eldest daughter’s last year at school and my middle daughter’s first. It was a wonderful experience to work with them on a project and topic (animation) that we all loved. I am a graphic designer by profession but my real passion has always been drawing, so the course was a great excuse to get back into that. I drew characters for our short animation and my confidence gained a huge boost from all the positive feedback I received from other parents and the teachers on the course!


Once we had finished the course and our animation, which we all loved doing and still watch now, I completely fell back in love with drawing. I started by just drawing lots of pictures of my three daughters, which I would put up all around the house and in their bedrooms. Enthused by newly rekindled love of drawing, I set up several social media pages (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) to share them online. It was here that I really found an audience once I combined my love of pop culture with my drawings. I was receiving requests from all over the world to draw different pop icons of the past and present, including many from my teenage years in the 90s. This resulted in me turning my new venture into a small business and I started selling the original hand drawn doodles, and have now been lucky enough to get orders from fans all across the world. My most recent evolution has involved me creating “merchandise” based on the drawings, such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases which again are sold online!


I would not be in such a great position had it not been for taking part in the Family Animation course. It really did change my life and has set me on a creative path which I love doing!”

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