Is your school’s IT a headache?

Why do most school’s technicians dread coming back to work after long holidays? It’s because nearly every time they are back to work there is a message waiting for them saying that there is something very wrong with the: internet/printers/servers/wireless… etc
Is it possible to prevent these situations? pexels-photo-209734
The school IT network is invisible to most people and is only noticed when it doesn’t work. It also takes time and effort (and money) to get it into a good shape and keep it that way.
The reality is that unless there is a school technician who can communicate the school IT needs to the school decision-makers and unless school decisions-makers are prepared to listen and follow their own technician’s advice – the IT network will suffer, sooner or later.
The only question is, how disruptive the problem will be.
Can your school afford any disruptions to your school IT network?
Do you have a school technician who proactively communicates your school’s IT needs, and if you do – do you engage in the conversation?
If not, would you like your school to benefit from the CLC expertise in managing school’s networks?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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