An open letter from Joe Halloran

To all the schools I’ve worked with,

After 10 years I am leaving my post at London CLC.  Thank you for the opportunity of working with you and for all the kindness which has been shown towards me, without exception, for a decade.

I am sure this amount of kindness is exceptional. I can’t imagine there are many other places, beyond schools, where positivity is so abundant. Of course, young people are much to thank for this. We know that, despite all the difficulties they face, children are a constant source of vibrancy, curiosity, and delight.

One of the teachers I work with recently described teaching to me as a “caring profession”. This is so obviously true it can sometimes be overlooked. Indeed, it can be hard to remember when schools are at the busiest and most pressurised.

I have been the lucky recipient of lots of care, whether it be shown towards me in passing from a pupil I met once, or from colleagues I worked alongside for years. In fact, care has typified my experience of working in schools and for this I am unendingly grateful. I hope, in some small way, I have been able to show some in return.



PS. If you didn’t know, I am leaving London CLC to begin an apprenticeship in software engineering at Google. I am on Twitter @jhalloran if you want to find out more.

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