London CLC wins Bett award

London CLC is a Bett award winner! Last night our work with schools was recognised in the support and service category at the Bett show, the most prestigious awards in the schools edtech world.

The award celebrates companies and educational organisations that provide effective services, support and professional development to ensure that technology really makes an impact in the classroom. It recognises the fact that educators need ongoing support for technology in a wide variety of contexts, from technical support and skills training to curriculum training.

It’s particularly satisfying to have our work with schools validated at a time when there is a renewed focus on the potential for technology to support learning and school life. Schools need support to navigate the digital world whether that is online safety, digital criticality or creative approaches to using technology across the whole curriculum – and they need support that is impartial, expert and understands their context and the challenges they face as schools and educators.

Developing communities

That’s why the fact that we’re educators, too, is so important. We don’t just throw edtech into schools and leave them to get on with it – pedagogical expertise at the heart of all we do.

We develop communities of practice with the schools we work with, we get to grips with the challenges teachers are grappling with and we engage with them to help solve those problems, communicating with the whole school community of teachers, pupils, senior leaders and parents.

‘Staff have been buzzing’

We are proud to have an exceptional track record of improving teaching and learning with 100% of teachers telling us that pupil learning outcomes improve following attendance at our curriculum support workshops and CPD sessions. A further 96% say that their own teaching practice will improve following attendance at these events (403 teachers surveyed in 17/18 academic year). Teachers also tell us that not only are out workshops beneficial for students and their practice but it also gets them excited about computing:

“You made computing relatable to everyone and the staff have been buzzing as a result of your ideas, tips and expertise.”
Computing lead, Clapham Manor Primary School

“We’ve been working with London CLC for a couple of years now to develop the curriculum. It’s brilliant. It keeps me up to date with the latest technology and the pedagogy of how to teach these concepts to children.”
Computing lead, Oakfield Prep School

A huge thanks also to the schools, teachers, children and organisations we work with and for.

Fact or fake? Our Bett talk

The Bett award comes in the middle of one of our busiest and most rewarding weeks of the year. Continuing the Bett theme, we’re on the big stage at Bett at 13.30 tomorrow with our talk Fact or Fake: developing critical learners in a digital age. We all need to approach the online world with a critical mindset and in our talk we will explore what that means in an age of deep fakes, fauxtography and deliberate disinformation spreading swiftly across social media.

Drawing on our teaching experience and work with a wide range of partners, we will explore some practical ways to engage children in critical evaluation of digital information in a range of contexts, supporting their learning and development both as consumers and creators of content of all kinds, fact and fiction included.

Find out more about the talk, and links to all the resources mentioned in it here. We’ll also be putting the talk online afterwards and including it in a special newsletter on Friday afternoon (you don’t subscribe to our newsletter? But you must! You’re missing out. Sign up here).

International perspectives

This is also the week when we welcome international visitors into London CLC on a packed programme of school visits, talks and workshops in the centre and visits to Bett. So far this week we have hosted ministerial delegates from Brunei, Egypt, Libya and Korea and educators from Denmark and the Netherlands. By the end of Friday, more than 200 international visitors will have passed through the doors of our HQ here in Clapham.

Sarah Horrocks, London CLC director with HE Dato, Minister of Education, Brunei and London CLC, Clapham.

As always, it’s been fascinating to experience our education system through their eyes and to hear from them what strikes them as different or unexpected about how technology is used in the English curriculum. And, as always, they tend to be keen to remark on the extraordinary level of testing and assessment experienced by children in the British system. However, after an observation visit to a local primary school this morning, it was pleasing to hear that the overriding impression from our Danish colleagues was of “happy children!”

If you’re at Bett tomorrow, please do come and join us in the arena at 13.30 for Fact and Fake. If not, we’ll be tweeting highlights and sending out the talk in our newsletter. We’d love to hear what you think, via twitter, comments or email.


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