Tate Exchange

Tate Exchange

A cultural partnership with Tate, connecting children with physical and digital objects in a creative way

What we do

London CLC is a Tate Exchange associate. Once a year we take over the Exchange floor on level 5 of Tate Modern, giving pupils from local schools the chance to create digital and non-digital art inspired by Tate Modern’s collections in the gallery space.

Tate Exchange is always one of the highlights of the London CLC calendar. It connects children with the huge variety of physical and digital objects in the gallery and creates a space for them in a community of artists.

In 2019 we supported more than 200 children and their teachers to explore the theme of ‘movement’. The activities on offer ranged from using software to create sonic soundscapes triggered by body movement to using Scratch and video motion sensors to draw patterns on screens with their movements.

Each workstation provided the children with an activity to work on and learn through making and creating goals for themselves, scaffolded and supported by adults. The free-flowing set up allowed the children to choose which activities they did and for how long, an approach that we take in all our cultural partnership projects. The result was a phenomenal level of involvement and creativity.

We also held our annual creative arts forum for arts educators with differing levels of digital experience, during the Tate Exchange project. This enabled them to observe the pupils, hear from visiting practitioners and creative industry experts, explore how digital technologies can support creative arts teaching and, after hours, get hands-on with the Tate Exchange activities the children were doing earlier in the day.

What difference did it make

What I notice as I walk around is that every child is 100% engaged in the activity they are doing. Everyone’s really focused. With the activities, the children are using so many different skills: there’s a lot of problem solving going on, children are learning new digital skills and working together collaboratively to do that. They are taking risks with some of the things that they do, a lot of it is new to them and they are just trying things out to see what happens – and that’s the essence of creativity. It is an essential skill for life.
Primary school teacher

It was fun because you got to create it by yourself and you didn’t have anyone telling you how to do it.
Pupil taking part in Tate Exchange

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