My PGCE placement at Lambeth CLC – Freddy Vanson

My experience at Lambeth CLC was magnificent. I cannot emphasise enough what fabulous support the team provide children and families in the local area – what a brilliant service Lambeth CLC offers the community! Everyone is extremely welcoming and approachable. There is a tangible community spirit; an ethos of inclusion and kindness pervades a friendly and inviting environment in which to learn and work. A wonderful team of dedicated, creative and caring staff make learning fun, stimulating and interactive. Being a part of the team was a joy. I will miss working there.

The Lambeth CLC is an outstanding ‘learning centre’ – through the latest Information and Communication Technologies the team offer invaluable opportunities for children (and adults) to learn new ‘e-literate’ ways to communicate their ideas and express their emotions. Workshops offer the chance for children to consolidate mathematical, scientific and artistic knowledge relating to the cross-curricular subjects and topics of the National Curriculum, but more than that the centre inspires the next generation of thinkers and innovators. All the staff contribute to a well-run, equitable and highly effective ‘public’ service that serves the community and offers crucial learning opportunities for children that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to experience the incredible workshops on offer, or access the ICT facilities that are out of the financial reach of most schools. How sad it is then that so many City Learning Centres across the country have been shut down because of cuts to public funding

Freddy Vanson

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