There is plenty of evidence to show that blogging arouses students’ interest and enthusiasm for writing, but very little attention has been paid to its effects on the quality of writing in general, or about its potential for developing students’ writing in new directions.

Teacher and pupil at a computer, writing on a blog

Our research project set out to study practice in blogging, with a particular emphasis on children’s writing and to compare children’s writing on the blog with their other writing.

We were interested in the potential of blogging for developing students’ writing in new directions, what makes for effective practice in blogging, how approaches to blogging differ, the ways in which teachers frame tasks for blogging, and how they respond to children’s writing on class blogs. The four classes we studied presented an interesting range of slightly different assumptions and practices in blogging. We set out some of our own assumptions about educational blogging, which were:

  • school blogging is different from personal blogging at home
  • blogging is a new way of developing writing
  • blogging offers a new approach to teaching & learning

The research project was commissioned by Education Development Trust and can be found on the Education Development Trust research site.

A longer version of the report including full case studies can be found here:

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