Technology for English, maths and humanities

Are you making the most of the opportunities technology offers across the curriculum?

Our programmes for English, maths and humanities are for subject leaders who would like to use technology more effectively in their curriculum area. Combining one to one training and consultancy with opportunities to share learning with colleagues across London, the programme includes:

  • An initial subject-specific half-day conference at London CLC.
  • Two half-day visits from a CLC consultant to help teachers make the most of in-school resources.
  • A Google hangout hosted by CLC staff, for participants to share their progress and discuss any issues.
  • A final half-day conference at London CLC.

Having attended one of our subject-specific programmes, you will:

  • Understand how digital technologies can be used to enhance learning across the curriculum.
  • Feel confident in supporting colleagues’ professional development in the use of digital technologies.
  • Know how creative uses of technology can be used to aid assessment.
  • Have ideas for school-wide projects to help foster creativity and collaboration.
  • Be more aware and discerning around the use of existing online resources.

Price: £1450


The English programme focuses on best practice and research-based approaches to using technology to improve all aspects of learning in English, including ideas for how technology can support:

  • Inspiring creative writing
  • Collaborative writing
  • Fostering enjoyment of reading
  • ‘Talk for Writing’
  • Speaking and listening skills development
  • Phonics development
  • Improving SPAG

You will explore a range of approaches to using digital tools in English including: blogging, filmmaking, green screen, animation, augmented/virtual reality as well as a range of collaborative, assessment and feedback tools and apps. You don’t need to have advanced ICT skills and you will be supported as you choose and plan an appropriate project to develop in school.


Last year London CLC worked with the London Knowledge Lab at UCL on a research project called ScratchMaths. The project investigated how MIT’s programming software, Scratch, can support maths teaching and learning by helping children visualise and master mathematical concepts through programming challenges.

You will see how this same approach can be applied throughout the KS1 and 2 maths curriculum using a range of technologies including, but not limited to, Scratch. You will explore ways children can practise skills, explain and record their thought processes and experiment with new ideas, all helping to enrich their mathematical understanding.


Humanities is an area where technology can play a truly transformative role, with free and affordable technologies used to engage, inspire, explore, collaborate and assess pupil work. In this programme you will explore hands-on a range of activities that can support learning across humanities, with an emphasis on impactful tools that can be easily embedded within a range of topics. You will also explore how technology can be used to take children on a virtual field trip to a place of historical or religious significance, to a museum or art gallery, or even to a reenactment of a historical event. You will also look at the ways that creative projects such as animation, filmmaking or digital books can act as a scaffold for children to develop research skills and subject knowledge, while engaging pupils in deeper learning and providing the perfect opportunity for assessment.