Bett 2020

We partnered with Bett to deliver a day of award-winning CPD on Friday, 24 January. It’s part of Bett’s commitment to increase its educator-led CPD content. 
Here you will find resources and links to accompany each of our six CPD workshops. The sessions are:

Pedagogy and future software developers with Scratch

This talk explored the ways that pedagogical approaches developed by the likes of KCL and UCL can get the most out of Scratch activities, with a particular focus on how children can learn to approach programming projects in a way that will get them thinking and working like future software developers. This session was informed by our work with industry professionals as part of our TechPathways London project for the Greater London Authority, as well as our involvement in the UCL Knowledge Lab’s ScratchMaths research project.

Resources and links from this session:

Digital resources to support history and geography

This workshop focused on practical and creative resources for teaching history and geography in the primary classroom from reception to year 6. It included approaches using digital technologies you already have in school as well as highlight the plethora of free online resources available. The workshop also included options such as film making and blogging that support synthesis of knowledge from a range of sources and empathy with historical events.

Digital technologies and storytelling

Digital technologies can help us to access and create worlds, characters and stories in new and exciting ways. We can create story worlds, record our own audiobooks, be inspired by a wealth of digital media and share our digital publications. Covering the making of digital books, the creation of virtual worlds and the use of technology to structure and plan, this workshop explored tools and practical ideas for using digital to support storytelling in your setting across a variety of different technological media.

Schools – saving time, working smarter

Technology offers the promise to save teacher time, and make systems such as feedback and assessment more effective and timely. Often good intentions have the unintended consequence of causing additional work for staff and aren’t embedded fully. This workshop concentrated on simple but effective approaches to saving time and working smarter while maintaining or improving impact on learners. We also explored approaches for introducing new technology or services and supporting change while not overloading already busy staff.

Leadership of technology and digital strategy

This workshop explored the key elements required to set a vision, inspire and engage the whole school community while leading and supporting change. The workshop explored digital pedagogy and how that links to school development. It also touched on considerations for technology planning, looked at common pitfalls and considered models to support change, including tools with an established reputation such as the Self Review Framework.

Technology in Early Years

This workshop provided an opportunity for EYFS practitioners to explore the role of technology in developing young children’s communication, creativity and problem-solving skills. The session provided opportunities to hear about the many ways that technology and online safety can be introduced to the youngest pupils with ideas to take back to your early years setting. There was a focus on simple and free resources.

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