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CLC Acceptable Use Policy - Community Users

This Acceptable Use Agreement is intended to ensure:

  • that community users of CLC digital technologies will be responsible users and stay safe while using these systems and devices.
  • CLC systems, devices and users are protected from accidental or deliberate misuse that could put the security of the systems and users at risk.
  • that users are protected from potential risk in their use of these systems and devices.

Acceptable Use Agreement

I understand that I must use CLC systems and devices in a responsible way, to ensure that there is no risk to my safety or to the safety and security of the systems, devices and other users. This agreement will also apply to any personal devices that I bring into the CLC.

  • I understand that my use of CLC systems and devices and digital communications will be monitored.
  • I will not use a personal device that I have brought into CLC for any activity that would be inappropriate in a school/educational setting.
  • I will not try to upload, download or access any materials which are illegal (child sexual abuse images, criminally racist material, adult pornography covered by the Obscene Publications Act) or inappropriate or may cause harm or distress to others. I will not try to use any programmes or software that might allow me to bypass the filtering / security systems in place to prevent access to such materials.
  • I will immediately report any illegal, inappropriate or harmful material or incident, I become aware of, to the appropriate person.
  • I will not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other user’s files, without permission.
  • I will ensure that if I take and / or publish images of others I will only do so with their permission. I will not use my personal equipment to record these images, without permission. If images are published it will not be possible to identify by name, or other personal information, those who are featured.
  • I will not publish or share any information I have obtained whilst in the CLC on any personal website, social networking site or through any other means, unless I have permission from the CLC.
  • I will not, without permission, make large downloads or uploads that might take up internet capacity and prevent other users from being able to carry out their work.
  • I will not install or attempt to install programmes of any type on a school device, nor will I try to alter computer settings, unless I have permission to do so.
  • I will not disable or cause any damage to CLC equipment, or the equipment belonging to others.
  • I will immediately report any damage or faults involving equipment or software, however this may have happened.
  • I will ensure that I have permission to use the original work of others in my own work.
  • Where work is protected by copyright, I will not download or distribute copies (including music and videos).
  • I understand that if I fail to comply with this Acceptable Use Agreement, the CLC has the right to remove my access to CLC systems / devices.

Copyright of these Template Policies is held by SWGfL.