Welcome to BlendEd: a new blended learning resource for teachers

What makes for great learning and teaching using digital technologies, whether in school or at home, synchronous or asynchronous? It’s a challenge that every school and teacher has had to get to grips with rapidly over the last 10 months and we’ve all learnt a lot, quickly. 

BlendEd is all about sharing that learning and the knowledge and expertise we’ve all built up. And, as the context keeps changing – from fully remote to bubbles, some children in school and some at home, rotas and requirements from DfE – we all keep learning. 

BlendEd is designed by teachers, for teachers and offers free bite-sized professional development and resources focused on the pedagogies of blended learning – what works, and doesn’t? – from early years through to secondary.

Evidence based

We draw deeply on evidence-based research (such as this report on best practice in remote teaching pedagogy by our Education Development Trust colleague Tony McAleavy) to underpin the information on the site. There’s been a number of helpful studies building on what we already knew about effective online and remote learning and adding in all that has been learnt as schools around the world move between online and offline, in-person and remote learning. We highlight the best of them on the site.

Six core principles of blended learning lie at the heart of BlendEd, identified from the research (particularly the ‘teaching presence’  work of Terry Anderson and DR Garrison) and our work in schools. 

Throughout the site you’ll find examples of these core principles in action, such as in the examples of great practice that have been emerging over the past year. 

Teachers’ tips and tales

We also share the lived experiences of teachers and school leaders. You’ll find a wealth of tips and advice in our short (just one or two-minutes long!) video interviews with teachers and leaders covering how they are tackling the digital divide, tips for workload management, and recommendations and key pieces of learning since March 2020.

Schools are continually iterating and improving their remote and blended ways of teaching and learning and we highlight this learning in action from teachers’ blended learning finds and fails to roundups of insights and best practice.

Discover, for example, how teachers are working out more nuanced approaches to using live teaching (even at primary level) to support engagement, teacher presence, discussion and check ins but are also balancing the need for presence and engagement with demands on devices and connectivity shared between families (such as ensuring there aren’t live lesson clashes between classes if siblings are sharing devices) and the need for time working away from the screen. 

Mark Martin introducing…

As well as video tips and tales from teachers, we’re delighted that teacher and founder of UK Black Tech, Mark Martin (aka @urban_teacher) is joining the site to introduce the weekly theme and share his thoughts and expertise. Themes coming up include teacher presence, dialogue, belonging, feedback and assessment.

One stop shop

Crucially, BlendEd is platform agnostic so, while we offer essential guides to using a whole range of tools and platforms, we’re free to highlight their pros and cons, too. And, of course, safety and security considerations are always front and centre.

We’re also collating and curating useful resources from other organisations, making BlendEd your one stop shop for links to all the best blended learning CPD. And look out for live online CPD (bite-sized, of course!) coming on the site soon!

Get involved

BlendEd is by teachers for teachers and your input matters in this community of blended learning practice we’re building. We want to know what you are doing in your school, what’s working for you and how. Send a tip or short video – here’s how.

We’d also love to hear your questions and suggestions for the site. Is there a theme you’d like us to cover or a webinar you’d like us to run? BlendEd needs your help to be as relevant and responsive to the ever-changing situation in schools as possible. 

Stay informed

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