Four tips for school leaders as pupils return to remote learning

On Monday we’re launching a new resource for teachers and school leaders: BlendED. It’s a programme of free professional development and resources for teachers to support blended learning pedagogy.

Designed by teachers for teachers – who we all know have huge demands on their time – it’s packed full of bitesize resources (including videos, guides and reports) and online courses.

Here’s a sneak preview of a video from the site with insights from executive headteacher Kate Atkins. 

More to follow on Monday…!

Kate Atkins, executive headteacher of Rosendale Primary School and the Elmgreen School sets out her four key tips for school leaders as we return to remote learning. She urges school leaders to: 

  • Use what you already know and use
  • Remember to evaluate and improve, timetable feedback points from pupils and parents
  • Use the experts that are out there, such as videos from White Rose Maths and Oak Academy
  • Above all, maintain that personal relationship between teacher and pupil. Schools are communities so do what you can to deepen those connections. Nothing can replace the importance of the personal relationship.

And be kind to yourselves! You won’t get everything right all the time.

Watch the video to hear more from Kate.

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