London CLC podcast episode 12: personalised learning in the classroom

Show notes

Personalised learning in the classroom has become a hot topic, especially with the move to remote and blended learning. As lockdown hit, schools and educators were increasingly asking how to do remote learning in a way that really helps teachers have a personalised dialogue with students and enables feedback.

In this podcast, educators from London CLC, along with Katarina Sperling from the Department of Education in Norrköping, Sweden, tackle this exciting subject through the lens of the Erasmus+ project Empower2Learn (E2L), which has been looking at different approaches across Europe. 

Hear about stories of promising practice which can help that personalisation process, including how a Swedish school developed a digital portfolio that made learning more visible to parents and a London’s school’s successful use of SeeSaw.

This podcast also rounds up some of London CLC’s exciting CPD opportunities on offer to teachers this term, including virtual sessions around assessment and feedback,  a new to computing subject leadership course and a digital security for schools briefing.

Plus, early news of a new national programme of support to make sure teachers have the right tools and skills and pedagogy they need to ensure children can continue learning whatever the circumstances, and developments with the Tate Exchange programme for schools.

Presented by:
Caitlin McMillan, teaching and learning consultant, London Connected Learning Centre

Sarah Horrocks, director, London Connected Learning Centre
Katarina Sperling, International Project Coordinator at the Department of Education, Norrköping
Rowan Roberts, teaching and learning consultant, London Connected Learning Centre
Peter Lillington, teaching and learning consultant, London Connected Learning Centre

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast

Exploring AI in the classroom: Empower2Learn kicks off

Co-creating a digital portfolio for a primary school: case study and insights for teachers and edtech startups

Rosendale School’s remote learning journey with SeeSaw

Blended learning resources from London CLC

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