Programming with Scratch: All about the Vikings!

At London CLC we run a whole range of Scratch workshops and activities in schools.

Teaching and learning consultant and resident Scratch wizard Rowan Roberts shares one of her favourites.

What do you know about the Vikings?

Think about…
● Travel
● Trade
● War
● Jobs
● Homes
● Clothing
● Beliefs
● Food
● King Cnut
● Viking Britain

We are going to program a Scratch animation all about the Vikings!

Go to:

Step one:

Choose your costume!

Step 2:

Introduce your character!


What do you think this code will do?


Click the green flag to find out!


What happens if you change the numbers?

What do you think they mean?


Name your character
Edit the text to match!


Now it’s time to program the next part of your animation by adding some blocks.

● Move your character to a new position with a blue block

● Program your character to say your first fact with a purple block


Setting the scene…

How can we make our project look more exciting?


Over to you!

Add more scenes to your Viking animation! Remember:
● Change the background (looks)
● Glide to a new position (motion)
● Say something (looks)

Debug it…

● Does your character go to the right positions?
● Is there enough time to read what your character says?
● Do your backgrounds match your facts?

Organising your code

Create your own blocks to show which scene is which.
Attach your new blocks to the green flag in the right order.

Enjoyed this Scratch challenge?

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