London CLC podcast episode 11: Creative uses of technology for home learning

Show notes

How are schools using technology in creative and innovative ways to stay connected to children and parents? In this podcast, recorded at the 2020 EdTechX Summit, London Connected Learning Centre’s Caitlin McMillan talks to a head and a teacher from two London primaries about how they are maintaining a sense of belonging and teacher presence during lockdown. Ideas shared range from responding to the register with an emoji and five-minute tours of Peru to phonics tasks and dance routines from a class puppet called Chocolate Chocolate Button!

Presented by:
Caitlin McMillan, teaching and learning consultant, London Connected Learning Centre

Kate Atkins, head of Rosendale Primary School, an outstanding research school in south London, CEO of the Great North Wood Education Trust
Lucy Coates, teacher at Reay primary school, Lambeth
Sarah Horrocks, director, London Connected Learning Centre

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast

Remote learning page with links to a host of resources including our essential guide to remote learning

Remote learning in an emergency: six best practice principles from Rosendale Primary School

Bridging the digital divide: latest evidence and advice on remote learning and digital equality in schools

Teacher CPD during lockdown: what works and top tips

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