Programming with Scratch: create a virtual African art museum

At London CLC we run a whole range of Scratch workshops and activities in schools.

Teaching and learning consultant and resident Scratch wizard Rowan Roberts shares one of her favourites.

In this fun Scratch session,

  • Look at some African masks and learn about the people who made them
  • Create a virtual museum to display our favourite masks
  • Program the masks to tell us about themselves!
Step 1: Visit your museum
Go to:
  • Click ‘See inside’
  • Find the Sprite called ‘Sam’
  • What do you think his program will do?
  • Change Sam’s costume
  • Change Sam’s name
  • What is missing from our museum?

We need some masks!

Step 2

Choose your masks.

In a new tab (+), go to:

Which three masks would you like to exhibit?

Plan your exhibition

  • Choose your three favourite masks
  • Write down at least one fact about each of them
  • Plan where you will hang each mask: left, right or middle?

Back to Scratch!

Find your mask sprites at the bottom of the page and click the eye to make them visible.

Drag the masks into their frames.

Add your facts

Use the speech bubble block, in the looks section:

Make sure you give the right facts to the right masks!

Create an input

Go to ‘Events’.

Do any of these blocks look like they might help us?

Event blocks

This block will run an instruction when you click on the mask.

We can use it!

Making your mask talk when you click it.

Reset block

You can use this  script to move your masks into the right position when you click the green flag.

Just drag the mask to set the numbers.

What else can you do?

Read, predict and test each script by adding it to your code.

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