London CLC wins Bett award – again!

Bett award ceremony 2020

London CLC has won its second Bett award! Last night, for the second year running,  our work with schools was recognised in the support and service category at the Bett show, the most high profile awards in the schools edtech world. We are the first to win this category twice since the awards started in 2013 and follows our shortlisting in 2018.

The Service and Support award celebrates companies and educational organisations that provide effective services, support and professional development to ensure that ICT really makes an impact in the classroom. The prestigious Bett Awards are a celebration of the inspirational creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education. 

We’re delighted to have our work recognised by the Bett judges and we’re immensely grateful to everyone who’s contributed to that work, especially the schools, teachers, children and organisations we work with and for.

Outstanding technical and curriculum support

“London CLC has the best technical and curriculum support team I have worked with in the 15 years I have been involved in education. Their expertise, enthusiasm and patience has led them to them creating a safe, supportive environment for our children and staff to develop and learn. They manage to make the complex world of technology as simple as possible! London CLC just get it right. We are very lucky to have them.”

 Deputy headteacher, St Jude’s Primary

The award recognises the work we do with schools with and about technology, the work that is at the very heart of London CLC. We are proud to have a measurable impact on each school we support. 99% of teachers tell us that pupil learning outcomes improve following attendance at our curriculum support workshops and CPD sessions and 98% say that their own teaching practice will improve following attendance at these events.

Our recognition in this year’s awards was in part down to our ability to be flexible and react to urgent demands from schools. In particular, we supported one London primary school with serious security issues – a data security breach had been managed poorly by its technical provider and a crisis was brewing. Once the immediate crisis was resolved, we worked with the school on building their knowledge and resilience to lower the risk of a similar situation happening again. We managed the school’s move to a cloud-based platform and delivered training to increase staff technical knowledge and improve understanding of online safety.

We understand teachers and teaching, not just technology
London CLC doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to curriculum or technical support services which sets us out among the competition. Our technical work is informed by our practice as educators and pedagogical expertise is at the heart of all we do. This means we can get to grips with the challenges teachers are grappling with and engage with them to help solve those problems, communicating with the whole school community of teachers, pupils, senior leaders and parents.

We were also proud to be shortlisted for Collaboration with a School award this year alongside our partner school, Iqra Primary School, as well, which recognises how an organisation has worked with a school in an innovative way to have a transformative impact upon either educational standards or the operational running of the school.

Our day of CPD at Bett

The Bett award comes in the middle of one of our busiest and most unusual weeks of the year. On Friday (24 January) we’re delivering a whole day of (double award-winning!) professional development across six workshops on Friday 24 January. Find us on the Professional Development Stage in North and South Halls and learn about:

  • Pedagogy and future software developers with Scratch, with Rowan Roberts
  • Storytelling with digital technologies, with Sarah Horrocks and Caitlin McMillan
  • Enhancing primary history and geography with digital technologies, with Peter Lillington and Caitlin McMillan
  • Technology in early years, with Sarah Horrocks and Louise Wade
  • Schools – saving time, working smarter, with Peter Lillington
  • Leadership of technology and digital strategy, with Sarah Horrocks and Peter Lillington

Find out more about the first three sessions in this blog post, the second three in this blog post and listen to our Bett podcast for our recommendations of the talks to catch and the people to see across the four days plus our top tips for enjoying the very busy show. 

International viewpoints

This is also the week when we welcome international visitors into London CLC on a packed programme of school visits, talks and workshops in the centre and visits to Bett. So far this week we have hosted educators from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and will be meeting colleagues from across the globe at Bett itself. By the end of Friday, almost 100 international educators will have passed through the doors of our HQ here in Clapham. 

Whenever we have international visitors we are always fascinated to discover the differences in how technology is used in the English curriculum compared with the rest of the world. While we value the opportunity to showcase what we do at London CLC it is invaluable for us to have the opportunity to reflect on our own practice and incorporate new ideas derived from the fresh perspectives provided by our guests.

If you’re at Bett tomorrow, please do come and join us in the Professional Development Stages areas for some valuable CPD. We’d love to hear what you think, via Twitter, comments or email. 

The Bett Awards 

The Bett Awards form an integral part of Bett each year, the world’s leading showcase of education technology solutions. The winners are seen to have excelled in ICT provision and support for nurseries, schools, colleges and special schools alike with a clear focus on what works in the classroom.

Recognised as the ultimate showcase for the exceptional and the innovative, winning a Bett Award is without doubt the industry’s highest accolade.

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