Give it a try – our pick of the best apps and tools, part 6

Each week in our newsletter we highlight a favourite free or low-cost app/tool/resource/piece of software and give a brief rundown of how you might use it in the classroom. Every month or so we round them up here on the blog.

We’d love to hear what you think about them if you give them a go, and any others you’d like to share – leave a comment in the box below. Catch up with all the tools in Give it a try, part 1 part 2,  part 3, part 4 and part 5.

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Dance Mat Typing

A fun way to learn touch typing from BBC Bitesize, with each stage introducing new letters, building on the previous levels.

Remove image background is a handy little tool that uses AI to separate out people and backgrounds in about five seconds. Works on both desktops and mobiles and doesn’t retain the images. Neat.


This edtech advent calendar offered up Juxtapose, an easy way to compare two pieces of similar media, including photos, and GIFs. Great for before and after stories.

Puppet Pals

In #nationalstorytellingweek we’ve been looking at how digital can help with storytelling, from world building to writing in role: read the full blog post.

The Puppet Pals app is an old favourite, which makes it very easy to create fun animation shorts using sets of characters (eight in the free version, with the option to customise using real-life photos for characters and backdrops in the paid version). Suitable from early years upwards, the opportunities for creativity are limitless.

Swift Playgrounds for Micro:bit

Swift Playgrounds is an app for the iPad that helps teach people to code in the Swift language using interactive ‘books’. Micro:bit have just created a book so that Swift Playgrounds interacts with and can programme the micro:bit wirelessly. Give it a try here.

Will robots take my job?

Give this predictor a try and find out…


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