Give it a try – our pick of the best free apps and tools

Each week in our newsletter we highlight a favourite free or low-cost app/tool/resource/piece of software and give a brief rundown of how you might use it in the classroom. Every month we’ll be rounding them up here on the blog. We’d love to hear what you think about them if you give them a go, and any others you’d like to share – leave a comment in the box below.

Introduction to Explorify from Explorify on Vimeo.

Exploring science
Explorify is a new free science resource for primary teachers from the Wellcome Trust that uses high quality content from the Science Museum, BBC and Eden Project.  It’s perfect for screens in the classroom and to use a little or a lot (there are new activities every week).

Busy Shapes 2
This new app from Edoki Academy, who create apps based on Montessori methods, have brought out this mesmerising and engaging app aimed at EYFS for exploring shapes and developing reasoning skills. There has been much talk of the power of computational thinking and approaches, this app will start pupils reasoning and problem solving skills early on. It may be designed for children but be careful, it is very addictive!

is a free online tool that digitises a wall of post-its. Once you’ve signed up, you can create a page with a shareable link onto which your students can post ideas, favourite facts or links to interesting things. It’s a fantastic tool for collaborative research and the page can be saved and revisited at any time, making it a really useful way of showing progression and evidencing learning. There is also a paid-for, more secure version aimed at schools.

Creating YouTube playlists: why you need them and how to make them
Ever thought of uploading a screencast to YouTube, adding it to a playlist, and then sharing that playlist? This video tutorial walks you through it.

Moving words
Remember magnetic poetry? Now you don’t need magnets…or a fridge. One of our favourites is the
Word Mover app which takes all the fun of fridge magnet poetry and puts it on the iPad. You can also try a similar, but slightly more limited, online version of the original.

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