Hosted SIMS – advantages to cloud based MIS systems




Cloud based services are rapidly starting to take over in schools. Many software packages that previously required installation media, technically heavy server/client installs or the challenge of deploying software to hundreds of devices across the network – have started to move over to being hosted externally on the web, allowing access, from school or home, to feature rich software, the only requirement being an internet connection and an up-to-date internet browser.

Despite this, there still are a few bits of software packages that require local installations, or to be hosted on the school’s servers – generally, software that requires more hardware resources, or legacy software, where the program language used has restricted the capability to host it on the cloud. SIMS and FMS, the dominant MIS and Financial Accounting packages for education, were previously two examples of this.

However, Capita, the developers of the software are now offering a hosted service. The benefits include:

  • Connect to your SIMS/FMS database from any internet connected device, either at school or outside of school.

  • The data is securely hosted in a Microsoft Azure hosting centre, with the latest and greatest industry leading encryption and security.

  • Schools no longer need to roll out updates or patches to hundreds of devices. The hosted service is constantly patched, updated and monitored.

  • Schools no longer have the burden of responsibility of ensuring adequate backups of their databases, which previously involved using complex scripts.

  • Schools no longer have the burden of upkeep of physical onsite servers and the additional licensing and energy costs this entails.

  • 3rd Party tools such as Atomwide AutoUpdate, GroupCall etc and still supported.

  • SIMS Discover, their analytical package, is also fully supported

  • The migration takes 3 working days to complete, the school will be walked through, step by step, the steps required to securely transfer your existing data and users to the service.

  • If you are a Apple Mac reliant school, hosted SIMS and FMS is fully accessible from Macs also (along with tablets and phones)

If you would like more information on transitioning to a hosted SIMS/FMS service, please contact London CLC for further information at or call us on 0207 720 7514



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