Anti-bullying week 2018: ‘All Different – All Equal’

Check out some great new resources and materials from a range of sources for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week. The official week is co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance hosted by the National Children’s Bureau and with support from partner SafetoNet.


DawsCLC 54


The website contains a wealth of resources to download and use in class or for assemblies. There is also a helpful interactive tool for parents and carers, alongside a range of advice. It’s worth remembering, as this tool neatly puts it, bullying can happen ‘Face to face, or through cyberspace.

Why not therefore use this week or the month of November to reinforce messages in school about bullying with some fresh materials, and at the same time make an explicit link to teaching the online safety aspect of appropriate behaviour online as well as off? 

And if you need further ideas, follow the links  on the ABA website to a range of additional resources, from organisations such as the Diana Award and IntoFilm, amongst many others. If your school is using social media such as Twitter or Facebook you may like to take a look at the Anti-bullying week Social Media Action pack including Odd Socks day, specifically aimed at Primary schools.

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