Emily and Joey’s Work Experience – at London CLC

Emily’s experience…

I am currently studying for a BA in Primary Education at Kingston University and as part of my study I had to undertake a two-week placement in an ‘alternative setting’. One of my lecturers recommended the CLC to me. I am quite a creative person, but before this placement, I didn’t know how to use this creativity when it came to technology and computing. Previously, I had only explored fairly simple computing tools and had only taught it briefly.

My time at the CLC has been very enriching and I have learnt a lot about the computing curriculum. Not just how to use different equipment, but the pedagogy behind it and how to get children engaged in a subject that at times can be very tricky. The knowledge of the team at the CLC is incredible! They make sure the children are learning something every minute of every lesson and from observing this, I learnt too.

From makey-makeys, bee bots, Lego WeDo robots and many more, there is so much equipment available to schools at the CLC. Many of this technology I have never used before, so it was very interesting to use it all. On one of the days, I was in a school using Scratch.

“Although I have used Scratch before, I discovered so many more things you could do with this tool.”

Thank you to all the staff at the CLC for accommodating me, making me feel very welcome and giving me lot of new found knowledge.


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Joey’s experience…

As a BA Primary Education student at Kingston University, I was required to complete a two-week placement at the end of my second year of study. While considering my options, I saw computing as an area of the curriculum in which I was lacking experience. During previous schools placements, I had only observed a few short computing lessons and was unaware of the many aspects of the computing curriculum.

Throughout my time at the CLC I have been able to experiment with equipment that I had never used before and observed sessions delivered from the wonderful staff; both in the centre and out in schools.

“It is evident that the children enjoy their sessions at the centre and that the technology used can enhance their learning in different areas of the curriculum.”

It has been a joy to see children from a variety of schools, enthusiastic about computing.

I would like to thank all the staff at the CLC for making me feel welcome, and for all of the knowledge that I have gained. Furthermore, I would also recommend the centre to any student who would like to know more about learning through computing.




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