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Book Creator is probably one of the best apps I’ve used. I’ve returned to it time again whether creating rhyming books or recording science investigations. It’s a versatile tool, that allows for easy content creation across all curriculum areas and age groups. 




Once complete, a digital notebook can be exported to iBooks, or similar app, as an ePub. This enables the user to quickly develop their own digital library. However, sharing ePubs with a wider audience, beyond a personal or class devices, has been a little more problematic. One solution was to use the Google Chrome app Readium, or upload files to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, yet to some this was too time consuming. Publishing as a PDF was an option but this meant losing the sound and video recordings that make the Book Creator such a good tool.  A recent update to the app has enabled the user to export books as a video. Once uploaded to a video server,  (Vimeo, LGfL Video Central,), it’s pretty easy to link to or embed into a blog post or website. Now digital books created in the class can be published beyond the confines of the device and include all the functionality.


The same update included new tools such as comic templates, options to add shapes, lines, speech/ thought  bubbles, hyperlinks and a  soundtrack. The addition of a play button enables readers to have the text read to them, providing greater accessibility for young children and children with English as an additional language.


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For those fortunate enough to have tablets, these new tools have enabled users to produce even more sophisticated cross curricular DTP publications. But there is good news for those without tablets. Book Creator has stated that a web version will be available this summer and promises that it will be as“ fully featured as the iPad version.”  Books can

be created on any device. I look forward to this web based tool which should provided opportunities for pupils to publish content to a wide audience, beyond the confines of a device, with ease.

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