My work placement at London CLC

If I ever had any doubts over game based learning, a week at the London Connected Learning Centre has ensured there is none left. This week has taken me on a journey; whilst also learning for myself, I have supported children’s learning through the use of creative programming and design tools such as Scratch, Minecraft and Sonic Pi. Not to forget the very cool digital telescopes which also incorporated software such as comic life and google search that created cross-curricular activities!

The images below show the journey the children undertook on Minecraft day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.04.11    Picture2



The subject knowledge the team at London CLC has, guarantees the children are learning at every point of the lesson. I have learnt new approaches to breaking down ‘computational thinking’ to the children and making use of creative technologies. Overall, I believe I now have the skills to make use of technology when teaching.


I guess I should add here that I am a PGCE student at London South Bank University and came to London CLC for a week placement and it has been a real pleasure. For anyone who desires to learn how to use technology in education I would highly recommend to get in touch with London CLC and start your journey.

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