Chelsea School of Art meet Hill Mead’s digital leaders

In late January the CLC took ten digital leaders from Hill Mead Primary to Chelsea school of Art, home of the CCW Digital Maker Collective. The pop-up maker space is an open collaboration between UAL students and is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging engagement in digital.

As part of a series of TATE Exchange exhibitions, the collective wanted to invite some young people to share their ideas on how new technologies could inspire design, with toys and gadgets at the forefront. The digital leaders from yr5&6 at Hill Mead worked alongside students to programme Arduino spark kits and use their functionality to prompt influence their designs.

An alarm clock that walks you to school, a Ferris wheel that lights up in time to music and a propeller-powered car were among the innovative designs.

Students and pupils will go on to take part in the TATE exchange day run by Chelsea school of art in February.

For more information of CCW please see here

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