BBC features ReflectED metacognition project

The BBC World Service made a podcast about metacognition this week, including a report on the ReflectED project at Rosendale Primary school.

ReflectED was developed by Rosendale primary school, with help from London CLC and the National Education Trust.

The BBC program, part of the ‘World Hacks’ series, looks at the impact of various approaches to metacognition in primary education, like p4c (Philosophy for Children).

The program also looks at controversies in the research. Our own ReflectED trial, involving 30 primary schools across England, found pupils made 4 months additional progress in maths after one year of ReflectED lessons. However, the same pupils also made 2 months less progress in reading.

Assessment doyen Dylan William, interviewed as part of the program, explains there may be an opportunity cost to teaching metacognition. “Times spent on metacognition, may be better spent on other things,” he says.

These issues are discussed in the ReflectED report, published by the Education Endowment Foundation. You can find out more about the ReflectED trial in our recent blog post.

You can listen to the program here:

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