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Boost your Bandwidth!

As you are probably well aware, with the shortage of school places in London and the plans in place from existing schools to expand in order to accommodate this demand, schools are growing – and with that, so must their technology and the core infrastructure that supports it. London schools are extremely fortunate to be supported in all things broadband by the LGFL/Atomwide Consortium. When your school signed up for services from LGFL, you would have picked a connection speed; either 10, 20,30,40,50 or 100mbps (mega bits per second), which you would have decided upon depending on the annual subscription cost – This was likely to have been a number of years ago now and this information may well have changed. With potentially hundreds of new devices in your school, iPads, Laptops etc and an increasing reliance on cloud technologies such as Google Apps, Lexia, Purple Mash etc you will have noticed that when using internet resources, the response times and all round user experience of accessing this content will have dropped, you may notice loading speeds being generally more sluggish leading to a frustrating experience. This is because multiple devices are forced to share your throughput (the amount of bandwidth available to your school at one time, determined by your connection speed). To use a motorway analogy, increasing your bandwidth from 50mbps to 100mbps is effectively giving the M25 another 3 lanes, more road/data can be shared by more cars/devices at any one time. When looking at bandwidth with this analogy, you can see that there comes a time where bandwidth upgrade is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Previously schools would have based their bandwidth requirements on cost and the once substantial difference in cost between having 50mbps or 100mbps available. On average however, the difference in your schools annual fee will now vary between £400-600 (including a £292 one-off admin charge. The cost differential will vary depending on the number of pupils on your roll; the more pupils, the more cost effective it will be to upgrade. So you can see that there has never been a better time for schools to take advantage of the cutting edge LGFL network. To find out what your current bandwidth rating is, log into as a nominated contact, find the ‘LGFL/Trustnet Deployment” option under the ‘My Account’ menu. A table will be shown with your current bandwidth level under ‘chosen bandwidth’

If your school is interested in future proofing your network, please raise a ticket with LGFL from one of your schools nominated contacts asking for a quotation for a 100mbps bandwidth upgrade – LGFL will reply to the email address of the contact who requested the quote, with the final quotation and instructions for taking the order further. If you need support or advice on how to do this, please contact our team at or call us on 0207 720 7514

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