Join us for our Summer Computing & Technology Conference – 11th June

Computing and Technology Conference

Thursday 11 June

9am – 3.30pm at London CLC

TO BOOK email: Kim Morrison


These popular conferences for Computing/Technology subject leaders, heads of Computing/Technology and teachers interested in the use of technologies across the curriculum will ensure that colleagues are fully informed about the very latest in technology in education. The conferences combine guest speakers, curriculum and policy updates, sharing sessions and hands-on workshops, and also include the opportunity to explore a range of equipment, apps and software. Conferences this academic year will support schools to implement the Computing curriculum, as well as to deliver Technology Enhanced Learning across the curriculum.

Workshops include:



  • Websites and HTML workshop


Combine computational thinking, IT and digital literacy in this practical workshop. Learn how to introduce the HTML coding which sits behind websites to primary aged pupils and to create web pages



  • Get to grips with Minecraft Pi –


Excitement about the educational potential of Minecraft  continues to grow. Discover how this new edition of Minecraft, created especially for the Raspberry Pi, enables young people to develop their Python programming skills as part of the Minecraft experience. We’ve used this approach successfully with Year 4 upwards.



  • Lego Ev3


Develop programming skills using the EV3, the very latest generation of Lego robot



  • Robot Arm


Using this robot arm kit together with a Raspberry Pi is an engaging way to teach the Make & Design aspects of Design & Technology as well as a way to control and programme a physical object in Scratch or Python.



  • Circuit, sounds and pictures


Explore the rich connections between art, electronics. Bring your drawing to life by turning it into a circuit and playing sounds.



  • Primo Cubetto


The Primo Cubetto is a different kind of programmable robot. Aimed at younger children, it bridges the gap between the abstract and concrete, helping children to problem solve and create algorithms with physical objects and an arduino based robot.


  • Technology in the real world  

At the recent Lambeth headteacher Ofsted briefing, advisers emphasised how in computing inspectors will focus on children’s understanding of how technology works in the real world. In this workshop you will learn about ways to develop children’s knowledge and understanding and use a range of valuable resources.


  • Codes, Cyphers & the Enigma Machine

Learn more about the history of computing and get your hands on an original Enigma machine in this interactive presentation led by the lead education officer from Bletchley Park


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