Barnes Year 5 – The Internet on Film

This week, the Year 5s from Barnes Primary School visited the CLC to learn about the internet and to make films about what they discovered.

To start the day off, pupils drew what they thought the internet looked like. We had some amazingly varied and creative responses, ranging from lists of numbers to a big brain containing the words ‘I KNOW EVERYTHING’.

After putting together a map of the internet, it was time to to recreate the submarine cable network, with pupils using themselves (holding onto wires, hands and occasionally ears) to represent the countries connected to the internet via this amazing global system.

After lunch, pupils had a go at being computer programmers, using html code to plan their films. Tricky coding proved no match for these Year 5s.

The children were then ready to turn into film-directors, as they turned everything that they had learned that day into a movie using images and their very own voiceovers. I’m sure that you’ll agree that some of them sound just like professional newsreaders!

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