Guest Bloggers: Henry Cavendish Year 2

We at the CLC had lots of fun programming Bee Bots and designing games with year two students from Henry Cavendish Streatham. Here’s what they had to say about it.

“At the CLC, we had a great time making treasure maps. We drew on lots of obstacles such as dragons, crocodile pits and sea monsters for our Beebots to avoid. We pressed the buttons to make them go forward, left, right and backwards. I was so happy when my Beebot got the treasure. In the afternoon we designed our own computer games. We designed or own character and had to collect prizes. It was really cool!”

From Ned


“The CLC was really fun when we made our treasure maps. I drew on a pirate ship and a jungle. Then when we had finished we had to put our Beebot on the treasure map and we had to try and get it to the finish without letting it go on any of the obstacles. It was really exciting working together. In the afternoon, we designed our own computer games. I made a maze out of bricks and there were treasure boxes to collect. You had to avoid the fire. That was my favourite part of the day!”

From Thai-Shay


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