Building a computer? It’s as easy as Pi for Sudbourne KS2 pupils.

This term London CLC welcomed year 5 and 6 pupils from Sudbourne school, who showed off their talents as engineers, programmers and game developers.

The first task of the day was to put together a set of components including a Raspberry Pi to create a working computer. Pupils had to understand the function of each piece of equipment to work out how to connect it. They then had to type in the correct command to start up their computers.


Now they could begin using their computers to create their own games using Scratch. However, rather than using their keyboards to play the games, students were then invited to design their very own games controllers.

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Pupils even used iPads to create a step by guide explaining how they completed the tasks.Untitled At the end of the session the class took part in an activity which applied their new knowledge of the connections within computers to recreate a different kind of the connection, which takes place between millions of different devices across the world.

Pupils represented 30 countries from all over the planet and held hands to show how the submarine cable network provides billions of people with internet access. Pupils watched in wonder as their countries gradually lit up on the screen – once the right connections had been made.


‘I love using Scratch to make games, I downloaded it at home after I was here last time.’

‘My favourite part was making the controller like my X box controller’

‘I can’t believe the internet passes under the sea like a submarine!’

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