Year 5 Architects Redesign the National Gallery at London CLC

We’ve kicked off the term with a range of exciting activities for our visitors who, so far, have included two talented teams of robot programmers from Reay Primary School, some Key Stage 1 graphic designers from Kennington Park and, on Tuesday 23rd September, Hill Mead’s brightest and best Year 5 architects. The challenge in store for the Year 5s wasn’t an easy one. Informed by a shocking news report that the National Gallery was about to be torn down, the children were tasked with creating a new design for the building, taking inspiration from the world’s most iconic art galleries. After some research the children took into account the designs of buildings like the Guggenheim, Moma, the Pompidou Centre and the Uffizi to brainstorm the key features of a successful art gallery. They then used Comic Life to put together moodboards, which helped stimulate their creative imagination. [slideshow_deploy id=’2820′] Pupils had some great ideas about how to make their designs effective: “It should look like a cuboid that stands up vertically and the outline should be black and taller than all the buildings in London and also Europe” “It should have a part for children to explore.” “We could have like a cinema about how it collapsed and how children made their own design” “We could make it more fancier and much much bigger so lots of people can go inside it. People be like WOW!!!! and be in an adventure in the building.” Now pupils were ready to become real architects, by bringing their ideas to life using the 3D design tool, SketchUp. Once they’d got to grips with the basics there was no stopping them, and we saw some incredibly imaginative designs. [slideshow_deploy id=’2830′] With such a spectacular set of 3D models on offer we couldn’t resist giving our 3D printer a spin and bringing one of the designs to life. Check out the result – we were thoroughly impressed.    

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