Testing a Visualiser: VidiFox i-3130

I was delighted to have the opportunity to trial the VidiFox i-3130 visualiser in my classroom especially after attending a session at the CLC where the many features were demonstrated and explained and I left there feeling very inspired. I found that it was fairly easy to set up and use although I did find that at times it was difficult to switch between the visualiser mode and the computer display mode but I overcame this by just moving the cables rather than trying to use the remote or controls on the visualiser itself. I use my computer and IAW a lot during lessons so I did find this a little frustrating. I did find that I had to turn the lights off in order for the visualiser to display the work clearly, this may be because there is a light directly above my desk and it is close to a window. The students were very excited by it, they, like me, love a gadget and they really enjoyed sharing work with the class this way. I really appreciated the feature where work could be displayed after an image had been captured so that the student could have their work back. I used it a lot in Design and Technology lessons in the generating ideas stage and I really found it invaluable during numeracy lessons when students were working from worksheets. It was brilliant in peer evaluation sessions in all subjects but particularly literacy and most students found it easier to be able to read written work rather than just listen to it. If someone was to give me this particular visualiser I would be very happy with it. After using it I now feel that I do need a visualiser in my classroom but I would not be disappointed with a simple one with less features. I would say that it is a luxury to have so many features but by no means a necessity. By Claire Morgan Macaulay C.E. Primary School

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