Kennington Park Bridge to School visit the CLC

Before the Easter holidays we were lucky enough to be visited twice by a class of tech-savvy net surfers from Kennington Park Bridge to School.

DawsCLC 84

On their first visit class members learnt how to put together a computer through the use of Raspberry Pis, as well as using the Makey Makey to experiment with a very special kind of keyboard.

“I learned how to do a computer.   There are a lot wires that have to connect.”

DawsCLC 73

They spent the second workshop learning all about the structure of computer networks and the internet.

Below are some of the pupils’ thoughts on their experiences during the workshop and on what they learnt during the day, as well as some examples of their work exploring the ways in which computers are connected.

“I learnt how to use an apple computer and I have learnt how to change some names to your name using a software.

We got to write our name and it went all over the world.

It can help me with my work if the teacher tells me to go on the computer I will know what to do.”


“I learnt about the internet and I learnt how to make a game controller.

I learnt that electricity travels over 10,000 miles in seconds to get the website you want.

Computer skills will help me research to find out new knowledge about more things.”


“I have learnt how to change my name on another websites names.

I have learnt if a websites is popular and you would like to know about the population numbers in the inter world.

I have learnt how to make some knowledge. ”


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