Airserver fix in iOS 7.1

A few days ago, Apple released there latest update for iOS devices, iOS 7.1. This update claims to be more stable, much faster and more reliable than the previous 7.0 version of iOS. Having had issues in the past with iOS updates causing hell for iPad management and Apple Configurator, we were very reluctant to update the CLC’s iPads onto the latest version of the iOS. However, a big reason to update is the fix for AirServer bugs, which have been causing a lot of aggravation amongst users of the program.

If you use AirServer to present your iPad on your whiteboard using your wireless network, you may have encountered some bugs and issues since updating to the new iOS 7. Users were commenting on losing connection within a minute of connecting to the board, and also of freezing issues. Thankfully, in the new iOS update recently released, now fixes the issue with AirServer being unreliable once connected, and this is reported on AIrServer’s website as a direct fix for the problems users have been experiencing.

More information can be found at the link below.

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