Guest Blogger – Ella, Clapham Manor Primary School

This guest blog posts comes from Ella at Clapham Manor Primary School. She has written a report on a recent class visit to London CLC to discuss the internet with IT Professional, Julia Harrison from Morgan Stanley.

We would like to thank Julia Harrison for giving up her time to speak to the class, Rob Harrison (class teacher at Clapham Manor) for helping put this all together, all the pupils in 6H, and Ella for writing this report.

Over to Ella…

Video Call – Clapham Manor Primary School &  Julia Harrison (Morgan Stanley)

On Thursday 6th February 2014 my class, from Clapham Manor Primary School, visited the CLC. Once we got there we sat down to have a video chat with a lady called Julia Harrison from the company Morgan Stanley. Some of us prepared a speech to say how the internet benefits us with schoolwork. We shared our speeches with Julia.

The internet supports our learning in many ways. We sometimes do our homework on word researching the internet we can email it to my teacher. In our English group we have recently been using a website called, “Edmodo” which is a site where we can write our homework on there. Also, using Edmodo, we can gain access to our work at school and at home. It was very easy for us to take the internet for granted but now, because we have learnt more, we won’t.

When we had our video chat with Julia Harrison she told us about all the ways she used the internet and how it benefited her. She said that the internet helps her because she is able to access the internet nearly wherever when she is on a mobile deceive example – phone, tablet, computer. We also use the internet when we are doing research on our ipads or our laptops. If we (Julia and our class) didn’t have the internet it would make our work a lot harder.

We had the video call because we were learning about how the internet works and how much effort it takes us to do many simple things and it is amazing! Julia taught us that everyone who works and Morgan Stanley uses the internet and makes their jobs easier too. In order to use the internet properly we need to understand how it works.

We learnt that they plant cables under the sea-bed and connect them to other countries. To do this they use a very advanced machine that drives along the sea-bed and digs two large cables underneath. They do this because they can’t connect with other countries above the sea because it might get cut by an unexpected reason. But if you plant it underneath the sea it is very unlikely to get disturbed.

Our teacher has organized with Julia Harrison to answer any questions that we forgot to ask on Thursday on our class blog. Julia has answered the majority of questions and will answer more in the future.

Thank you Julia and the CLC!

Ella, Class 6H


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