Three, two, one, action! Get Filming

Next week we finish the term with our Filmmaking CPD a popular session with schools. The training day will help improve your camera techniques and enable you to master simple editing skills including  green screen technology techniques. It will introduce film literacy covering shot types, camera positions, and provide a hands on experience with filming equipment. It will explore various classroom applications in addition to providing guidance on structuring film work within the curriculum and technical advice for formatting and exporting. 


Why make films? The process of film making is one of the most effective ways to create a unique experience of learning. It lets the participants engage with the subject matter in a new way. They are required to tell a story or explain a concept and in order to do that they need to understand the subject matter well. Decisions about what to include or leave out are all part of the editing process which helps them focus on the detail and make sense of the material they have. The process requires collaboration and children will have to work together on different aspects of the film, from camera work, scripting, acting to sound.

Film making can be used to reinforce history learning, communicate scientific ideas, re-tell a traditional story or bring a news story to life.  From feature films to pieces to camera, the film making process is powerful for both student and teacher allowing for the creation of work that aids learning (through training videos) or helps assess  learning (films that present facts), the options are extensive.

The best form of learning is complete immersion – film making presents the opportunity to be immersed.  Below are a few examples of films that are varied in their intention. For more inspiration check out our film library by clicking on this link LCLC Films

Training Video

News Reports

Topic based

If you are interested in the session please get in touch with LCLC by contacting Kim Morrison on 0207 720 7514 to book a place on the Film Making across the Curriculum – February 15th 2013.

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