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October is upon us, it’s Black History Month, teachers across the country will be focusing on and highlighting achievements of great people in history and today, an example, in 43AD the first record of an African auxiliary unit taking it’s position on Hadrian’s Wall as part of the Roman Army to guard the empire, or Mahatma Ghandi in the 1930s, Martin Luther King in the 60s, Nelson Mandela in the 90s, and 2008 with Barrack Obama, the timeline is vast and inexhaustible! They is a huge amount of information on countless individuals, search engines will inundate with facts and figures, telling the stories of migration, struggle, travel and endurance in the search of a better life for all.

Over the years Lambeth schools with our help have been breathing life into these facts and figures,  providing ways for learners to engage with history. The aim, to bring history to the individual, to re-enact it in a way that results in understanding and empathising with the subject, remembering the facts, making it personal and beginning to build a broader picture and workings of the world we live in. The chosen medium is filmmaking.

Interviews with Obama are hard to come by, so a clever solution that works on many levels is adopted. Choosing someone from the local community or school population, a grand mum, dad, mum, uncle, aunt, teacher, anyone who has a story to tell and who is willing to share, can be the subject of the film. The process involves interviewing, filming, scripting writing, re-enacting scenes and sometimes animating! All the processes allow the learners to engage with history and provide many opportunities for learning, with varied tasks ensuring all have a chance to find their strengths and participate in. We find this draws learners into history in a completely different way creating brilliant results. Leaners are intrigued, excited, curious and hungry for more.

We have a collection of films below to share with you that were made by Lambeth schools with our help. If you would like to know more we will be holding a CPD session to explore this and help you plan your project in time for next years BHM.

Preparing for Black History Month – Friday 21 June –

Using the CLC’s Black History Month teaching resource, this session is designed to support schools in exploring Black history through film and media, with a particular focus on journeys to Britain post-Windrush. The day offers teachers an opportunity to explore the resource and gain filmmaking and editing skills, enabling you to create your own documentaries in the classroom on the theme of ‘Coming to Britain’

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Click here  to watch the full collection of BHM films.

Martha and Joan – Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Jean’s Story – Hitherfield Primary School

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