Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ at Lambeth CLC

In the last week of term 5 we had a visit from Christchurch Brixton Year 4, who had been reading Roald Dahl’s The Witches. They spent the day using ICT to bring this tale of a gruesome, supernatural, infanticide conspiracy to life. We asked the pupils to rotate between 3 activities: Using Green Screen to re-enact the story, creating book reviews on Comic Life, and creating news report podcasts.

Drawing of The final scene of The Witches

We were really impressed with their work, especially their podcasts. So here are two to listen to:

We were excited by the wide range of techniques they used to access the text. Including role-playing interviews with characters to empathise with their motives, and taking the stance of a news reporter to analyse the narrative from an objective standpoint.

Podcasts are a great way to to support literacy. They help children imagine themselves on the scene, as a reporter or a character, and they require very little equipment to create; a free software download, a microphone, and a pair of  headphones is all you need.

Some people may feel put off by the word ‘podcast’, as if it is an alien medium with strange and unfamiliar nuances. This ought not be a barrier. In its most basic form a podcast is an radio show available on the Internet, therefore all our radio listening experience can called upon to help unpick the etiquette of podcasting.

If you want some advice on how to make a podcast please contact the CLC, or have a look at one of our help videos.

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