Going Green… Screen

Welcome to our TV Plus sessions.
3,2,1, camera, action! Roll out the green screen.
Using our TV studio and green screen kit, students have brought the ancient Egyptians back to life, reenacted WW2 and reminded us about life in Tudor times. Before students come to our centre, they research their topics, storyboard their scenes, write scripts and sometimes make costumes.
The session can be used to reinforce history learning, communicate scientific ideas, re-tell a traditional story or bring a news story to life. The options are extensive. They also get a chance to test out their film literacy covering shot types, camera positions, and learn how to use filming equipment.
Using our green screen kit and iMovie we film in small groups at a time (usually in groups of 4/5), each group has 30 mins to film their part which usually last two minutes long. While a group is filming in the green screen room, the rest of the class do a variety of supporting exercises from making comics, podcasts or posters covering the same topic area.
The film below shows how this session reinforces history learning with the Egyptians taking centre stage, areas being covered include how the pyramids were built, hieroglyphics, mummies and lots more.

The kit is usually set up as shown below. The image shows students are doing a piece for their end of year theatre production of Bugsy Malone.

Through film making students get the opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences over and over again, and also share them with different audiences.

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