Science and Data Logging at Lambeth CLC

Its been a great term for science at Lambeth CLC, with groups from 10 schools coming to our Investigative Science workshops. Pupils have been looking at light & sound, forces & gravity, ideal habitats for plants, and materials & their properties. Almost all our experiments have involved dataloggers to capture evidence.

Pupils also produced digital reports on how they carried out their experiments. Have a look at these podcasts from year 5 pupils and comics from year 6 to find out more about the sessions:

Mimi Science Podcast (mp3)

Jaheil Science Podcast (mp3)

Erica Science Podcast (mp3)

Elise Science Podcast (mp3)

Click here for more Science comics.

Whilst dataloggers are a fantastic way to use ICT to enhance scientific learning, they can be expensive. Given the cost of a set of dataloggers, Lambeth CLC have been looking at how schools can use Lego NXT robots instead.

Lego NXT robots come with a four sensors: light, sound, distance (ultrasonic), and pressure. Students can use the robots and sensors to produce a live graph to test a hypothesis. Experiments can be repeated to verify data, or to see how changing a variable will alter the results.

Year 6 pupils from St Leonards CE Primary were the first group to perform experiments with Lego NXT robots. They were asked to investigate the extent to which different materials block light.

In less than one hour pupils carried out their experiments and then turned their graphs into webpages (Lego NXT software can export to HTML – an added bonus). They then added text to their webpage, to explain the experiment and review their results. This was a trial run, so the experiment was carried out quite quickly, with limited to time to reflect and write. Even so, we think this approach has great potential.

Click here to have a look at their webpages.

Also, click here to see their class blog report on the day.

Datalogging with Lego NXT Robots were worked really well. We aim to create a help video in the near future to allow schools who have Robots, but not dataloggers, to use this technology to support Science.

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